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Kleiss MCS System and MDS Stoppers

In 1998, Kleiss & Co. developed an industry changing flow stopping system for the natural gas industry. This innovative system uses a patented Multi-Dimensional Safety (MDS) Stopper instead of the conventional flow stopping methods. The MDS Stopper is a user friendly, flexible, inflatable device which can stop off gas in any type of pipe material or wall thickness and various pipe diameters. The technology used in the MDS Stopper allows the systems to stop flow up to 120 psi. This means that one system can be used in many applications no longer needing a unique system for each pipe material.

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Usage and Types

The Kleiss systems have been designed and engineered especially to save on weight, volume, and number of parts making it lightweight and easy-to-use. The system provides safe operation with a gas tight seal and two pressure gauges to monitor the pressure in the stopper as well as in the pipeline. The system was first introduced in the Netherlands, but is expanding to the United States and Canada. Learn more about where the system is being used on the Products page.





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